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New type of educational game for toddlers

Prague based TobiGames today announces Fantasy tidy up 1.3 for iOS, a new type of puzzle based game for kids and toddlers. The goal is to clean the rooms of famous fairy-tale characters. The game teaches kids where different objects in the room belong and also new vocabulary. The game contains more than 50 unique items, with each fairy-tale character having its own. The voices are done by combination of professional American actors and also TTS engine.

Fishy Feathers on iOS is a Bird Game You Can Actually Beat

Toronto based Lucky Mask Games Inc. today introduces Fishy Feathers 1.0.0, its first game on iOS devices. Paying homage to great side-scrolling console games, Fishy Feathers begins chronicling Larry the Bird after the entire Earth is flooded. The only way for this little bird to survive is to move up the food chain by eating fish, picking up chips and traveling the world. Gamers will navigate through different worlds and collect a multitude of power-ups that will help them along the journey.

Function Space Brings Collaborative Scientific Learning to iOS

Function Space Labs Private Limited today introduces Function Space – Learn and Discuss Science 1.0, its new beautifully designed iOS app. The free app grants users access to the discussion-based community from anywhere on the globe, putting the power of knowledge right in your pocket. Function Space caters to individuals of all ages from high school students to professional engineers, and focuses on lifetime learning with content tailored to any skill level.

Pirates of Bollywood Now Available on iBooks

Pirates of Bollywood, Dr. Kalyan’s second legal thriller is now available for order on iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Gum Road. The book takes the reader on an adventurous journey of Arjun, a blind lawyer, and Helen, a committed cop, as they chase pirates in Mumbai. It packs court room drama, pirate emotions, film production challenges, and more in a nail biting narrative. Knowledge of copyright law, insight into affairs of the Indian film industry & more are packed in Pirates of Bollywood.

Gear Up to Go Back to School with Discounts on Boinx’s Educational Apps

End of summer promotions on Mac and iOS apps from Boinx help you get back-to-school cool. An Editor’s Choice Award for iStopMotion for iPad proves it’s an A + app. Helping both students and teachers to get their creative juices flowing more powerfully than ever before is important. Boinx is offering special promotions on BoinxTV, iStopMotion for iPad and Mac, FotoMagico and Mousepose now through September 9th, making them a must-have on everyone’s back-to-school shopping list.

OmNom Apps Connects Islands in Hashi Link

California based OmNom Apps today introduces Hashi Link 1.0, a fun and relaxing puzzle game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. In Hashi Link, players take on the role of bridge builders. These builders go from one island chain to the next making sure that the total number of bridges to an island equals the designated number on the island. Connections can be made orthogonally, but they cannot cross each other. A maximum number of two bridges can be made only as well.

Boomerang – The Only iPad Stand that Mounts your iPad anywhere

Boomerang, Mountable Stand with Multiple Viewing Angles, now available for iPad Air! Described as “iPad stand and mount that is unlike any other on the market” by TUAW, Boomerang combines several functions that aim to expand your iPad’s potential in one, elegant product. The integrated magnetic mounting system enables effortless mounting in any situation, 3 viewing angles are perfect for typing, chatting and browsing and protective shock-absorbing corners protect your iPad against impact.

Zeph Launches Disappearing Messaging App That Prevents Screenshots

Simply Pragmatic, Inc. today introduces Zeph: Disappearing Text 1.1, its free social networking app for iOS devices. Zeph was created to bring the same type of off-the-record conversations friends have in-person onto their phones. The app allows users to send private, encrypted messages to their friends that will disappear after they have been viewed. The creators of Zeph have devised a clever way of preventing the recipient from taking a screenshot of the message on his or her phone.

Terrella: An unapologetically challenging game for iOS

Quiet Spark today introduces Terrella 1.0 for iOS, a game that is as challenging for the reflexes as it is for the mind. In Terrella, opposites attract as players create gravity and anti-gravity using four colors. Players must avoid all glowing obstacles. While the obstacles look pretty, they are not friendly. It’s a race against time to guide Terrella to the goal by finding the best solution to navigate each level. The game also features multiplayer with live chat through Apple’s Game Center.

Draw to Destroy Dots in Clever New Game – A Blok Fluo Game Free iOS 1.0

ChewingApps Ltd today introduces A Blok Fluo Game Free iOS 1.0, their new puzzle game for iOS devices. With 60 levels of gameplay, Blok Fluo challenges players to collect the same colored dots. Players have to shape lines that gather all the colored circles while avoiding white dots on their routes. Each level of Blok Fluo features countless solutions with no specific moves to master. Blok Fluo is Game Center-supported and syncs to all iOS devices via iCloud.