Alliance Surveys Enterprise IT Admins about Managing Mobile Devices

IT administrators are asked to describe the impact of integrating mobile devices into IT management. The Enterprise Device Alliance (EDA) today opened a new survey to query IT administrators about the deployment and management of smartphones and tablets in their organizations. The survey asks about the relative growth in the number of tablets to laptops, the ongoing impact on IT of managing mobile devices, and the special security challenges that mobile systems introduce.

Mavericks Server – Control and Collaboration, available in iBooks Store

Carbon Technologies, LLC today introduces Mavericks Server – Control and Collaboration, written by Reid Bundonis and available exclusively in the iBooks format in the Apple iBooks Store. This is the second book in the Mavericks Server series and is an essential field guide for Mac system administrators and home enthusiasts alike. Presenting topics in a sequential method, this book provides a procedural deployment guide to ensure Mavericks Server is set up right the first time.

CS Odessa Announces New Science and Education Solutions for ConceptDraw

CS Odessa today announces new additions to ConceptDraw PRO, its best-selling cross-platform business graphics and diagramming software. Powerful enough to draw everything from basic flowcharts to complex engineering schematics, ConceptDraw PRO lets you display, communicate, and present dynamically. The new additions to ConceptDraw PRO empower the academic and science user with extensive new libraries for language, math, and science. Live Object technology dynamically displays linked data.

I know countries 1.3 for Mac OS X – An Apple Maps Game

grapevine-cottage today announces “I know countries” 1.3 for Mac OS X. The app leverages full Apple maps support to provide a new and unique user experience while navigating: the map responds to a mouse click and highlights country boundaries and area, drops a pin at the capital location and shows a callout with flag, while speaking country name and capital name. It’s great for exploring with its automated show mode, or competing in game mode against other players in Game Center.

Super Entertaining Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King Coming Soon

Haypi Co., Ltd. today announced they have submitted its new game to Apple for their review. Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King is a Massive Multiplayer Online strategy war game. Haypi is grateful for the player’s participation in the closed beta test of Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King. The game is even more fun now, thanks to the adequate feedback from players. The MMO should become available for download in the near future.

Elder Towers – A Deck-building RTS/RPG – launched on iOS and Android

Akashan Games today introduces Elder Towers, its first game title for iOS and Android devices. Elder Towers is a deck-building RTS/RPG game heavily inspired by the old titles Magic: the Gathering – Shandalar and Sacrifice. The game is aimed at hardcore gamers who would like a serious strategy game on mobile. Elder Towers offers the strategical complexity of a deck-building collectible card game, and translates the deep game mechanism into intuitive fast-paced gameplay with exciting visuals.

Pagico for Desktop 6.8 makes creating tasks with files easier than ever

Indianapolis based NOTES17 LLC today announces Pagico for Desktop 6.8, an update to their popular information and task manager app for Mac OS X. Pagico for Desktop is a feature-rich planner app that manages all types of data, including notes, tasks, files, projects and contacts. The application has numerous innovative features that helps users be productive and stay organized in the long run. Version 6.8 brings a number of important improvements that will further enhance the user experience.

WaterField Unveils iPhone 6 Spinn Case – An Innovative Leather Holster

WaterField Designs unveils the iPhone 6 Spinn Case: a slim, full-grain leather case that holsters onto a belt and includes a patent-pending headphone wheel to keep ear buds organized, untangled, and readily available. The inside front panel is lined with scratch-free Ultrasuede (R) that adds cushioning and helps clean the iPhone screen as users insert and remove it from the case. The iPhone Spinn Case is available for pre-order now.

Kids-Zone – A Safe and Mobile Place for Children to Play and Learn

Indie developer, Ahmed Jaffar Ghezwi introduces Kids-Zone 1.0 for iOS, a kid-friendly app that can help your child retain things like the alphabet and nursery rhymes, even when you don’t have cell service. Featuring downloadable videos for offline entertainment, Kids-Zone allows children to watch cartoon movies and animated scenes, including movies made especially for educational purposes. There is an excellent selection of childrens’ songs to choose from as well.

Seaside Resort Of Blackpool Gets It’s Own AR Experience

Black Ridge Technologies Ltd announces The Blackpool Experience 2014 for the iOS platform. Blackpool is one of the first cities in the UK to use Augmented Reality providing 3D holograms of Illuminations characters ranging from Pirates, Zombies, Tigers and more for visitors to discover using their own mobile phones and devices. For those with a spare 5 minutes (or to keep entertained on the journey) there is also a selection of fun, one touch mini-games to play and keep everyone entertained.

Latina magazine now on Magzter’s newsstand thrills Latino Audience

Founded in 1996, Latina primarily caters to bilingual, bicultural women in the United States and is today the largest magazine edited by and for Latin women. Magzter enjoys a wide subscription in the US with its total number of global digital subscribers clocking more than 21 million! The Latino diaspora everywhere can now look forward to Magzter’s newest addition, packed with exciting content month after month.

MacXDVD Sprints to 20K Facebook Fans with DVD Video Converter Giveaway

To celebrate the imminent social media landmark of achieving 20K Facebook fans, MacXDVD today announces a software giveaway campaign to give away its flagship MacX DVD Ripper Pro or MacX Video Converter Pro for free. From this day onwards, participants who hit “Like” on MacXDVD’s official Facebook page or share it to others will be in for a treat with the DVD video converter software soon after this page hits 20K likes.

NuMac Solutions LLC announces Blu-Ray Disc Burner for new Mac Pro

Twin Cities based NuMac Solutions LLC announces its optical disc burning solution for Apple’s new Mac Pro. The NMBDR6x supports reading and writing of Blu-Rays, DVDs, and CDs. The NMBDR6x stands less than 2 inches tall from top to bottom, and features a round, low-profile aluminum enclosure designed to sit beneath Apple’s new Mac Pro. The slot load design has no tray to get in the way or break off. To help reduce clutter, both power and data are sent via the single USB cable.

Mac Support for Xbox One Controller

Calgary based Stonelight Pictures today announces its Kickstarter campaign for a new Xbox One controller for Mac OS X. After almost a year since the Xbox One release, the Xbox One Controller is finally getting support for Mac. Right now it is up to 3rd party developers to come up with the support the consumers want. The Xbox has been a gold gaming standard for many years, and now with the release of the Xbox One controller, the best gaming controller on the planet is here.

Swedish startup SocialMaps to make U.S. debut at #TechcrunchDisrupt

Emerging mobile social discovery platform, Socialmaps 3.0.6 is now set to make its U.S. debut at this week’s Techcrunch Disrupt, September 8th-10th. Socialmaps can be found in the Nordic Pavilion. Want to know what your friends and colleagues are up to nearby? Developed in Sweden, Socialmaps leverages the power of location-based services and social media. Available for iOS and Android devices, this free app recently surpassed more than 1 million posts from users across the world.